Adopt-A-City Instructions

The following are instructions on how to use the Adopt-A-City prayer app:

1. Download AYC at the App Store and Open.

2. Create your Profile.
Enter your information.
Enter “PrayON” in the Network section. ( )

3. Create a Prayer Wall (to Adopt a street, school, business, gov’t agency, etc.).
Go to Menu > Events > Prayer Wall > Create.
In Blue Box, enter PrayON [Name of City/Town]
Click on Map Pin. In White Box, enter the Address of choice in your City/Town

4. Log your Prayers. Each time you pray…
Open the App
Tap “Start Praying”
When done, tap “Stop Praying” and ID your prayer. (You can even take a picture.)

5. “Like” one another
Tap on a pin to Like, Comment or Report


How and where can I track movement?
Icons and Prayer Pins will appear on the Home screen map. Zoom in/out to view the desired coverage area.

Can I edit my Profile and Prayer Wall entries?
Yes. Click on the “Pencil” Icon.
Note: When you edit an Event, you will need to re-enter the Address Information.

Do I have to create a Profile?
No, but you must create one to use the Events (Prayer Wall), Picture, and other features of the App.

Why are some Pins green and some gray?
Green pins indicate Users who have completed their Profile
Gray pins indicate Users who have not completed their Profile